Has Vitti ever met a teacher? (rough draft)

I asked the question because several times recently he has
said that our new teachers first, second and even third year teachers like the
new curriculum because it tells the exactly what and when to do things. I really
wonder if any new teachers have really told him that or he just says it because
in his mind it sounds good and makes sense.
I guess I could see some new teachers liking it, in some
ways it probably is easier just to be told what to do and when to do it but I
think for the most part teachers didn’t join the profession so they could
regurgitate a script.
They joined to help kids something many feel this new
curriculum isn’t doing and they joined because they felt they could be creative
and innovative which are things that this new curriculum robs teachers of.
The superintendent was a teacher for just two years at two
different schools, maybe he wanted somebody to tell him what to do and when
every second of the day but I imagine the amount of teachers both veteran and
new agree with him.
I sincerely believe we would have a lot more success if we trusted
our teachers to do the right thing and gave our teachers the support so they could
do them, rather than micromanaging them and demanding they maintain pace with a
pacing guide that is ridiculous. I believe we need to let our teachers be innovative and creative and that we destroy those things to our detriment,

I also sincerely believe we would be doing a lot better if the super
understood teachers and why they do the job that they do, because it has become
very apparent that he doesn’t.
Just another note the superintendent is preaching patience and that eventually the district will release the pacing guide as teachers prove successful. This tells me he doesn’t trust teachers not even teachers with a proven track record of success who are just as critical of the new curriculum and pacing guide. he also said that he believes in year two or three people will really like the new curriculum, which makes me wonder can we really afford to waste a year or tw as we get there? Isn’t there a middle ground we could meet?
If the super understood what teachers do and why they do it then we wouldn’t be having a lot of the problems we are. It is really unfortunate that he doesn’t.

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  1. I am a first year teacher. I started in the middle of the school year last year. I sure hope he's not counting me as one of the new teachers that loves the new curriculum. Between that and the constant micro-managing of my time, I am not enjoying my job at all. Love the kids, love the other teachers I work with. A district "specialist" came into my classroom and made me feel like a worthless, incompetent teacher because my students were having a hard time with the writing lesson. So I committed a district sin and took a detour from their plans. How DARE I not be using their lessons. I've seen more than a few veteran teachers in tears because of the curriculum and/or the time management.

  2. I think we have way too many principals and other administrators who spent two or three years in the classroom before making the jump. Unbridled ambition is not conducive to good decision-making, in my opinion.

  3. Teachers are stressed at my school, and at least 1 person daily cries. And, BTW, I think a dangerous precedent has been set allowing Vitti the freedom to "create" a new school for the benefit of his children. What if a new super has a child that needs one on one care? Do we let the new super design a school for this child? The emperor has no clothes and no one is willing to tell him.

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