Has Education Week Switched teams?

The title of their article was, Scott’s Fla. school plans draw widespread praise.


It has drawn some praise from Jeb Bush and his
cronies but for everybody else the jury is still out. Also have you read his
proposal? All he is saying is this year I will only hit teachers in the face
three times instead of five times. We’re supposed to celebrate this?


He is calling for more charter schools despite
he fact not a day goes by where there isn’t a story about a scandal and their
overall results are poor.


He is proposing not cutting spending anymore.
Hmm thanks governor we’ll only be down hundreds of millions from where we were
when you started and oh that three percent pay cut you gave me and every other teacher
still stings.


He is saying he is going to give teachers
credit cards to buy supplies, something many of us still do despite the pay
cut. Well friends I will believe it when I see it.


Then don’t get me started about Common Core the
much maligned programming coming soon that will double the amount of tests kids
have to take and VAM teacher evaluations the state insist we use despite the
fact every expert says they aren’t accurate and is just a plain bad tool to evaluate


The title of the article should have been,
Scott promises to hurt teachers a little less this year.


Get with it Education Week,
being ridiculous and biased doesn’t help anyone.  

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