Grymes, Smith-Juarez and Fischer snub their noses at poor black children

During the TFA debate Tuesday night, Paula Wright pointed
out that most of the TFA recruits will come to her and Connie Hall’s districts where a lot of poor and minority children live.
She asked some really good and tough questions and made some great points
before seeing the writing on the wall and voting for the TFA expansion.
The toughest questions that Grymes, Smith-Juarez and Fischer
asked was how was your day and what did you have for supper. They went on and
on about TFA so much that I thought they were going to ask TFA to the prom. I wonder
if they would have felt the same if middle class white parents were asking why
is a hobbyist teaching my child. I bet differently.
These three school board members snubbed their nose at Wright’s
concerns and ignored her points while at the same time side stepping any
responsibility and sentencing poor black kids to an ever revolving door of
For shame!

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