Greg Tison, candidate district 7’s no good very bad debate!

I felt like all of the candidates for the district 7 school board position had some good moments at the forum this past Tuesday, emphasizing that there are several qualified candidates in the race and I will be discussing that in upcoming posts, yes everybody had some good moments except Greg Tison.

Mister Tison seem really unprepared especially when it came to charter schools as he repeated several times that districts had to take whatever it got with regard to them. If the district says no, then the charter school will likely appeal and the district would have to fight and we would end up with the charter school anyway. This was the point he tried to make several times. This is a vast over simplification and I can even see where he might have gotten this idea because Vitti and this board have approved charter schools like that and not educating children was their job.

The school board however can say not to charter schools for many reasons and more districts throughout the state have started saying no and pushing back. The district doesn’t have to say yes to anybody who shows up with an application which is what Mr. Tison seems to think.

This wasn’t his only notable gaff.

Later he said, this election isn’t about Jason Fischer its about going forward, well one of the reasons he might not want to talk about Jason Fischer who was both a terrible school board member and quit on the people of district 7 is because the same people who funded Fischer 4 years ago are the same people funding Tison now. Gary Chartrand and his friends.

Speaking of Gary Chartrand the influential businessman who collects school board members like nerds collect magic the gathering cards, when asked about him, Tison in effect said, I don’t want to talk about him because it puts me in a difficult position and please don’t take my word for it, go to JPEF’s facebook page and listen at about the 5 minute mark.

What the beep!!!! He can’t talk about his main donor because it what? He all but admits he will be in his pocket, a pocket that wants to privatize our schools and doesn’t think teachers are professionals. A pocket that wants his kids to go to exclusive prep schools while ours go to kill and drill factories.

Greg Tison’s forum was an unmitigated disaster.

I will be breaking down the forum in depth over the weekend but here is the thing, we have several good candidates in district 7, we don’t need the one purchased by a millionaire who doesn’t even live in Jacksonville and whose children did not go to our schools on our board.

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