Greed, sexism and racism drive Jacksonville’s decisions.

Jason Fischer’s change to his J-1 bill from having an appointed school board to have an elected superintendent, quite the stunning reversal if you think about it is about racism and sexism as much as it has been about greed.

The referendum would undoubtedly help those minority communities in Jacksonville that have one promise after another broken, but instead of taking care of them, councilmen like Micheal Boyloan and Scott Wilson, who represent more affluent parts of town say what about us. Charlotte Joyce the one school board member who has opposed the referendum told the families at a majority white school, they shouldn’t support the referendum because their upgrades won’t come for quite some time. They aren’t screaming the N word but the implication is clear, black kids who need the resources the most need to wait their turn.

Then I want to point out that when we had a white man who often bent the knee to the city’s white elites replacing him wasn’t an option but now that we have a black woman who is interested in helping those schools, which happen to be minority that need it the most, the city’s elites are falling over themselves to replace her.

From the Times Union,

A month after state Rep. Jason Fischer filed a bill that would have turned the elected Duval County School Board into a mayoral-appointed board, Fischer changed course Friday and said he will instead seek the state Legislature’s approval for a voter referendum on whether the school superintendent should be an elective office.
Fischer, R-Jacksonville, said giving voters the ability to elect the superintendent — currently hired by the School Board — would give them more influence over what happens in the school district.
“I don’t think the status quo is working in our school system,” Fischer said. “I don’t think that all kids are being served, and change starts at the top.”
He said most Florida counties elect their superintendent, and Duval County voters “should have the opportunity to decide” if they want to do the same.
“It’s clear to me that voters want more say about what happens in their school system, so it’s just a natural evolution of the conversation,” he said.
Oy vey, his tone deafness is deafening, he said people want to say more about what is happening, while his team is denying people the right to vote. Serious what the %$#^!?!
Then the leadership at the top that needs to be replaced is Scott Wilson on the council and Lenny Curry our mayor. They have denied people the right to vote and have done so to benefit their donors interests.
This is about freed, who controls the districts budget, real estate and any referendum money, and Fischer’s donors want to get paid, as much as it is about sexism and racism, and we shouldn’t fail to recognize that.
Fischer could care less about what the people of Jacksonville think, he only cares about himself and that’s a shame. 

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