Governor DeSantis’s detail free teacher pay proposal

DeSantis who last year doubled down on the Best and Brightest bonus, which only a little over half of all teachers will be eligible for, is not a raise what teachers want and did little to ease the pay gap Florida has with the rest of the nation. So what does he do? he says trust me, help his coming. He will have to forgive me if I think actions are louder than words.


Florida’s governor might be proposing a boost to teacher pay before the coming legislative session.
Following Tuesday’s cabinet meeting, Gov. Ron DeSantis said to expect something “significant” with regards to teacher recruitment and compensation soon.

“I look around now and think teaching isn’t viewed as favorably as we’d like it to be with like young people coming out of college,” DeSantis said. “I’d like to get more people going into the profession.”

Florida’s teacher pay has been a big issue for education officials, worried about recruiting and keeping talent. When adjusted for cost of living— the state is ranked 48 for annual teacher salaries, according to a new report from WalletHub.

DeSantis didn’t offer many details on what exactly his proposal would look like, saying it’s being finalized. He did say it would operate within the state’s budget and to expect more details in the coming weeks.

Um two things, talk is cheap and it’s his party which has grossly underfunded education for a decade now so why should we believe anything he has to say. Especially since when you factor in inflation the state board of education this past August actually voted to cut funding.
This is my concern too, he may throw some nickels at teachers, but if its not really a raise it’s just more lip service on his part, but he is probably going to do so while expanding Florida’s disastrous school choice plans. What good is a few extra dollars for teachers if he burns our schools to the ground.
Until we see something that is different, we shouldn’t believe for a second that something different is coming.

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  1. I would like the three percent that Ole Ricky Scott took from teachers to take care of the old, and I would like the ten percent to take care of the new. When teachers retire they will not have anything to live on which adds insult to injury! Whatever DeSantis decides, teachers want a raise and not a bonus!

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