Governor DeSantis says he doesn’t care what teachers have to say.

The actual quote from the WFSU article
Governor Ron DeSantis
says he’s confident in public support for his proposal to boost starting
teacher salaries to $47,500 dollars.

he probably missed it because he fled Tallahassee Monday, but ten thousand
teachers and their supporters showed up in to tell him they didn’t
want what he was selling but that wasn’t the only disturbing thing the article

“We live in a very
polarized time. If you attach a Democrat’s name to something, Republicans tend
not to like it and vice versa. Even with my name attached as a Republican, you
still had over 90 percent of Democrat voters think that having a minimum salary
of $47,500 is a good thing.” 

DeSantis says he “thinks we’re going to be able to
get a lot of this done,” referring to the legislature passing a teacher
pay plan along the lines of what he’s asked for – which would take an
investment of $600 million. 

“What I say is, what’s the broader public want on
some of this stuff? And if you’re with what the broader people want, you’re
going to be okay,” the governor told reporters. 
DeSantis is a real piece of work. Protesting his pay proposal has nothing to do with being a democrat or republican and it has everything to do with what’s right and wrong. I guarantee you if he said every teacher gets X raise or we’re going to send the 900 million to the districts and let them figure it out, very few people, regardless of political party would be complaining.

Also the uniformed might think his
proposal is a good idea but I guaranty that support would drop like a red balloon
if the next quest was, is it okay to lead 80k veteran teachers out.

Then he says what he says is what the
broader people want, um what the what, come on, what the “broader” people want
is for DeSantis to support public ed, something he thus far has proven
incapable of doing.


You should ask yourself, if teachers
don’t want it, then what’s wrong with it, and if teachers don’t want what he is
selling, then friends, instead of dismissing teachers, shouldn’t he be listening
to them?

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