GOP Legislators tell schools to open or else (draft)

Why don’t we make our starting point, we all want schools to open. That way if I say schools should only open if it’s safe I am not a bad guy, and if you say schools need to open I don’t think you are one either. With that being said, forcing schools to open no matter what, and threatening their funding if they don’t, an idea growing in GOP circles should outrage and scare us all. 


The legislation, authored by Banks and Rep. Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin, would prohibit schools (elementary to university) from receiving federal funds unless they reopen by Sept. 8. Only in-person classes count as re-opening, the bill suggests.
“This about the kids,” said Banks. “We are at risk of leaving an entire generation of kids behind if we do not get them back in the classroom and provide them the adequately far superior education that they would receive if they were left at home learning virtually.”
In a news release, Banks’ office said research suggests children are at a relatively very low risk of becoming infected by coronavirus, and remote learning does not work.
Sigh, kids are not immune to the coronavirus, but even if they are less susceptible you know who works at schools, adults, lots and lots of adults and whats going to happen, if or when they get sick. 
I do agree virtual learning did not work for many but forcing kids to go to schools that may not be safe is not the answer.
I wonder if he considered for a second funding a longer school year or more teachers? How about funding all the additional things schools are going to need, and yes I know the CARES act is going to help some but the reality is that is just going to be a drop in the bucket.
School systems need help not threats.
From Politico, 
School superintendents and principals are staring at an impossible equation. 
Governors are promising to put kids back in classrooms in a matter of weeks, but it’s mostly school officials stuck navigating the messy details of how to keep students and teachers safe and win over skeptical parents, while dealing with a budget crisis that is forcing layoffs and other cuts. 
In California, six major school districts warned state lawmakers that proposed budget cuts could delay the fall semester. And in New Jersey, superintendents are trashing the state’s “inappropriate” guidance for in-person summer programs. The head of the Massachusetts Teachers Association said the governor’s plan to require children to bring their own masks will punish low-income students and communities of color
Florida’s guidance has been described as underwhelming too.
These are serious times and we need serious people to come up with serious solutions. Threats and top down solutions will not work and right now those seem to be the only solutions coming.
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