Gary Chartrand’s latest contradictions

when talking about the grade relief districts are asking for said,
want to make sure that the system that is governing accountability is the right
Chartrand asked Education Commissioner Tony Bennett to quickly
pull together a small group of superintendents, state educators, and maybe
outside data experts. “If there needs to be a change,” Chartrand
added, Bennett would have time to recommend one before the first batch of
school grades are released. Those grades for elementary and middle schools are
expected in July.
First credibility is something they should worry about too
especially with all the changes they have done to the system over the last few
years, many of which have corresponded with his time on the board. He added, the state needs to “make sure that we’re
careful and considerate, and we’re thoughtful.”
I think Chartrand is now trying to back peddle a system he
helped create but regardless this sounds reasonable to me, the state should
strive above all else to get things right.,0,1566130.story
Chartrand however quickly goes off the reasonable reservation
when he
noted that other states have provisions for state takeovers of
persistently struggling schools. “Maybe that is part of the solution”
for Florida, he said.
Notice no “make sure
that we’re careful and considerate, and we’re thoughtful” here.  He also seemed to agree with Vice Chair John
Padget’s view that
one D or F is enough to warrant a change in
principal. Forget about really getting into the school and seeing what the
issues are and then crafting strategies to overcome them. 
This is what happens when the state puts someone who was top 50
in grocery store news run our schools.

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