Gary Chartrand’s disconnect from reality

When chosen to be the state board of education’s chair he thanked the rest of the board for their confidence in him. The rest of the board doesn’t sound enthused at all.

Vice chairman Roberto Martinez stating clearly he would prefer continuity at the top at a time when the state is moving toward Common Core, hiring a new commissioner, negotiating an NCLB waiver and other important matters.

Then board member Sally Bradshaw said, if we can’t change the outgoing chairwoman’s mind, then I will support Gary Chartrand. Neither of those are hardly a ringing endorsements.

But friends, that’s how Chartran operates, he is undeterred by facts and evidence or by what other people, people more knowledgeable about education think. He is in his own little world, a world that does not benefit public education.

2 Replies to “Gary Chartrand’s disconnect from reality”

  1. So passionate, not knowledgeable or capable is what we should go for?

    I don't question his passion, but I question pretty much everything else.

    get with is friend.

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