Gary Chartrand wouldn’t know the whole truth if it bit him.

Talking about Common Core in the Jacksonville Business
Journal, Mr. Chartrand said:  “There
absolutely is a need. Florida ranks high for education nationally, but the U.S.
is still ranked 25th in the world.
What Chartrand doesn’t mention is when you factor out
poverty, and a fifth of our kids live in it and another 5th just
above it our scores zoom to either the top or near the top. He also doesn’t
mention that Florida’s education programs don’t address poverty and even make
things worse for kids that live in it.
He often runs fast and lose with the truth furthermore what
has he gotten right about education again?
He brought Teach for America to
Jacksonville and they do the opposite of best practices, taking poorly trained
non-education types and putting them in our neediest classrooms.

He brought the KIPP charter school to town and touted it as a savior, and it’s
grades have been F, B and D, well it would have been a D if the Chartrand rule,
the rule that says school grades can only drop one letter grade even if they
are supposed to drop more, hadn’t passed.

Speaking of the Chartrand rule, if you think Florida’s accountability system
has become more muddles and confusing and lacks accountability since Chartrand
arrived to the board 2 plus years ago then you are not the only one. 

Chartrand helped create the states raced based education goals. He doesn’t feel
as if black kids have to do as well as white kids apparently.

There are his two choices for education commissioner, which have been less than
stellar. Gerard Robinson lasted a year and Tony Bennett is resigning today in
disgrace after revelations that he altered a donor’s charter school grade.
Furthermore Florida’s very own
voucher expert said the kids that use them don’t experience better education
out comes and this despite they have the same advantages that charter schools
have. I submit that both vouchers and charter schools are unmitigated failures
even if they equal the what public schools do and many do not. 

Throw in his push for merit pay, which has no evidence that says it works and
his criticism of the class size rule, which has lots of evidence that says it
does, then what has he got right again?

This guy went from top
fifty in grocery store news to running our schools and it is showing. 

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