Gary Chartrand uses a kernel of truth to bolster his cob of lies.

A couple lines from his disingenuous op-ed in the Times Union really bothered me, because he wants to distract us with shiny objects while stuffing his pockets with cash

From the Times Union,

In 2019, the average public charter school received $478 in facility funding for each student from state sources while the average district-operated school received $963 per student.

According to the school district’s financial reports, students at charter schools have received 57 percent less capital funding than those attending district-operated schools since 2010. Yet the School Board continues to dismiss the full facility needs of public charters.
Notice he says state sources, who wants to bet if we added philanthropic and federal sources those numbers would get closer together.
Next he goes all the way back to 2010, that’s kind of odd. We have had charters in Duval since 2002, though the number didn’t really explode till 2012. In 2010 we had nine charter schools.
This is really misleading because the state, the pro charter state has put several requirements on charters to get this free money, um, if only Chartrand had worked for the state or say been on the state board of education for 8 years he might know this. 
This part, what they can spend the money on is what the whole fight has been about,
  1. Purchase, lease-purchase, or lease of permanent or relocatable school facilities.
Paying for leases and this is particularly important because 29 of the 32 charters in Duval are leased is what this fight is about because that is how charters make money.

Then this is what Chartrand desperately doesn’t wants you to know.

His KIPP school was sold to a non profit that leases the school back to the KIPP school, convoluted right? This charity also owes Chartrand millions, which he will now be able to recoup through lease payments.

Friends with guys like Chartrand it’s always follow the money which usually leads back to his pocket. He just thinks we are to dumb to notice.  

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