Gary Chartrand opens a can of worms. Invalidates teacher code of conduct.

Teachers are supposed to behave to an elevated code of conduct and I know some of you might think I break it every Florida Georgia weekend and a few other times throughout the year but this isn’t about me. Where not public citizens they have a lot of responsibilities as you can see here.

Gary Chartrand however has just blown all that out of the water because teachers according to his logic can now claim whatever they have done they did as a private citizen. 

From the Times Union

Gary Chartrand, the Jacksonville-area executive who chairs the state Board of Education, recently wrote a letter “as a private citizen” to each board member decrying the lawsuit and its threat to the voucher program, which he said helps tens of thousands of low-income students afford private educations.
“The lawsuit is about shutting down the program,” he said. “It’s unconscionable to do that.”
Chartrand has in recent years donated to the election campaigns of at least three of the seven Duval board members and has given more than $5 million through a family foundation to school district efforts. He said he does not believe his financial contributions will influence School Board members’ votes.
Get drunk in public and make a scene, hey just exercising my right as a private citizen.
Make fun of disabled children and jokes about minorities, private citizens do it all the time.
Write hate mail to the school board, president or anybody else, that is just what private citizens occasionally do.
Say Gary Charrand is crazy pants, I’n not doing it as a teacher, I am doing it as a private citizen.
If the chair of the state board can turn private and public on and off then we all can.
Wow, how is this guy in charge of anything? Now check this out.

Longtime board member Mark Gregory stepped down on Thursday as chairman of the Williamson County school board — a position he was appointed to two weeks ago — for making a butt shaped bottle opener..

Why didn’t he just say he was using it as a private citizen, after all Gary Chartrand thinks you can turn private and public on and off!

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