Gary Chartrand left out a lot of important numbers in his op-ed to the Times Union (draft)

In Gary Chartrand’s recent op-ed about the tax referendum he threw out several numbers to bolster his argument that charters should get a proportional share of any future tax money rather than receiving money based on needs. Unfortunately he left a lot of numbers out.

29, that’s the number of Duval’s 32 charter schools that are leased and charter schools are allowed to use capital funds to pay leases. This is important because many charter owners make their money by leasing properties to management  companies they also own.

2 million, as in the number that Chartrand’s charter school the KIPP school received extra in the state budget just last year, put their by representative Jason Fischer who Chartrad and the other members of the civic council have given thousands to. This is the third time that Fischer has put millions into the state budget for his donors charter school.

691 thousand, that’s the amount the city of Jacksonville through the Kids Hope Alliance gave to the KIPP school last year. Down from the 725 thousand they received the year before. This number is probably directly related to the number 208,500, which is the number the Civic Council has given to Mayor Curry and his PACs. Donate 208 thousand and get a little over 1.4 million back is a pretty good return on investment if you ask me. 

714 thousand, that’s the amount the KIPP school got in PECO or maintenance dollars from the state, which is  more than any other school public or charter received.

I am beginning to wonder why Chartrand is fighting for more money for charters when his school receives far more than any other school. Though that probably has a lot to do with the next number.

9,621,364 That’s the amount the KIPP school owes Gary Chartrand and another member of the civic council John Baker.

Finally, 0, as in the number of other charter school operators who are fighting against the referendum. One, John Rood has come out for it.

Chartrand might claim he is fighting to get charters more money, but it certainly looks like he is fighting to get paid.

A plan that divides the referendum money based on needs and protects the tax payer is a fair plan and we should all wonder what the real reasons Chartrand is fighting against it are.

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