Gary Chartrand lays an egg on First Coast Connect (draft)

Chartrand and his sidekick from the civic council were on the First Coast Connect radio program where they promptly laid an egg.

Jeanne Miller apparently thought a three minute filibusterer was a good way to start the program.

Chartrand started his answer about the referendum funding schools based on needs, with, there are many different definitions of needs. 

Miller, said when they met with Greene where the Civic Council made clear the importance of charter schools, you know kind of like the mafia used to make it clear the bodegas were paying protection funds. 

Chartrand explained that all non profits were really community owned since they were non profits, wait what?!? He then said the KIPP school can’t be sold because it is a non profit but that’s not really true as they sold it to another non profit last year. He has to know that as well.

Miller said since the district leases a few building then it’s okay that just about all charters are leased. She then explained why they haven’t weighed in on other issues but added sooner or later they will.

Chartrand gives a dubious story about why they loaned money to the KIPP school but did admit they owe him 2.5 million dollars.

Miller says its hard for charters to get funding, un its happened over fifty times in Jacksonville alone.

Chartrand when asked about his influence ignores the hundreds of thousands of dollars he has given to local politicians, you know because him being able to contribute the maximum as four different entitles is the same thing as anyone can do.

Chartrand undoubtedly hurt his cause today. If this guy didn’t have millions his calls would never get returned. I hope people understand that. It’s not his intellect or ideas, his passion or drive that people like, it’s his money

To listen to the interview, click the link and start at the 20 minute mark,

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