Gary Chartrand, ever the eternal optimist

The Times Union is reporting that he praised Florida’s
accountability system, pointing to increases in the graduation rate and how we
are doing on an international test as his evidence. It all started 14 years ago
when the accountability system started he said.
By the way he’s not talking about accountability for charter
schools, 250 have failed since then or private schools that take vouchers as
over 160 take public money and teach science as creationism.
These are some facts that Chartrand has omitted, his usual
way of doing things, graduation rates country wide are up considerably, even in
states that don’t have an A-F grading system and who don’t fail third graders
that don’t pass a test and no serious education policy person says we should
use the NEAP, the test Chartrand likes, to make policy.
If I said, Florida’s accountability system has stopped us
from reaching our potential as a state, it would have as much validity as what
Chartrand said.   
This grocer is ruining our schools.

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