Gary Chartrand and friends decide what district 7 candidate to buy, Greg Tison

I have written about Mr. Tison before, how he ran for soil and water in 2012, city council in 2014 and now how he is running for school board. This guy just wants to get elected to something and word has it he is looking into the dog catcher race in 2018 if his attempt to get on the school bard fails, which hopefully it will.

But just in case you need a little more all you have to do is look at his donor list where you will see the name Gary Chartrand. Mister Chartrand collects school board members like I used to collect baseball cards and he has had the money to do it too.

Gary Chartrand who has given thousands to Jason Fischer as well and we see how that has worked out is pro privatization and anti-teacher and it is hard to imagine he picked a candidate who isn’t the same.

We can’t afford to have another corporate reform candidate who wants to be on the school board to tick off a line on a bucket list or sees it as a stepping stone to something else. It’s to important.

District 7 you have some other quality candidates Lori Hershey, Staci Dern and Barbara Toscano all of whom I will be writing about in the upcoming weeks, you can consider, there is no reason to even consider Tison as his past conduct and present associations should preclude him.

To look at his and any other donors, click the link: 

3 Replies to “Gary Chartrand and friends decide what district 7 candidate to buy, Greg Tison”

  1. FYI- Chartrand's daughter is married to Mark Frisch, Armada Team Owner, Beaver Street Fisheries VP. All of those donations from a Frisch are Chartrands. I would bet that this extends to Rummell, Stein, and Baker. All hang out in the same social circles, including the JPEF board members.

  2. I love the baseball card analogy, but the sad reality is it is true. Chartrand needs to go. As long as he keeps funding the school board candidates we will never have a board willing to go up against Vitti and this district will continue to sink.

  3. I got a robocall from Tison's campaign last night at 2"30 am. Glad to hear he cares so much about kids as to wake up the families of an entire district in the middle of the night.

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