Gary Chartrand 94% of the Florida standards are Common Core

The Grocer in chief was on WJCT talking about education and
below in bold are some of the highlights followed by my comments.
Chartrand, KIPP
school is doing great.
He didn’t mention how his own rule saying schools
can’t drop more than one letter grade protected it from dropping to a D.
Gary Chartrand, 94%
of Florida standards are common core.
More like 98%
Gary Chartrand,
Charter schools are public schools.
Um what was he smoking when he said
Gary Chartrand,
school choice is responsible for Florida’s improvement.
  He fails to mention how other states that did
not embrace choice have also improved. He also fails to mention the 250 plus charter
schools that have failed and how voucher schools have resisted accountability and the class size amendment, its like it doesn’t even exist to these guys.
Gary Chartrand,
teachers being on a one year contract is a good thing.
This guy really
hates public school teachers.

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  1. Chartrand and Weaver in particular along with Vitti and the Vitti apologists are failing this community and their failure will virtually doom public education in Duval to point lower than it is now.. They are out raising money and as you know their goal is to raise $50 million and they are raising this money with no hard plan in place – in fact Weaver when asked what will happen in five years just simply says we will raise another $50million. This is a joke and anyone who gives Chartrand money is a fool.

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