Fresen, demonizing teachers and public schools was done for the common good!

I really don’t get how these people live with
themselves.  Now he’s saying the school
choice movement is responsible for magnet schools. Now I have always thought
public schools should have more options with trades, skills and the arts along
with the advanced academic programs but to give the school choice, err, privatization
movement a scintilla of credit is beyond the pale.

From Redefined Ed: “That’s what we’ve always theorized from the moment that
we started talking about choice and choice options was that, not only would it
lift all ships,” Fresen said, but it would also spur school districts to create
new programs “to meet different needs of students.”

“I do
think that the more that you expand choice options outside of the conventional
public school system, the more the conventional public school system will
innovate itself, and start responding to those demands and those changes,” he
Basically Fresen is saying Florida’s
war against teachers and public schools was all done for the common good. That
all the kneecapping of teachers, the strangling requirements, the siphoning
away of resources and all the money sent to the bank accounts of charter school
operators and voucher providers was done to nudge public schools into doing
what is right.
Give me a moment as I go hurl.

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