Frank Denton jumps on the DCPS bandwagon.

In an editorial he said the old school board was known for its stupidity. I used to scream that from the roof tops but was generally ignored by the Times Union as they parroted the previous administrations all is well message and this despite the fact everybody knew it wasn’t true. 

I must have written the Times Union hundreds of letters detailing what was going on yet it seemed like they took every opportunity to ignore them especially after Phil Frentz retired. Now it seems like they are rewriting history and if you want proof go back and read the TUs editorials or go to my blog because every time they wrote we have the right leader for the job or we are headed in the right direction I disputed it. .

Denton and the Times Union can’t just jump on the DCPS bandwagon because unless they exercise due diligence and the Times Union does its job, something it really didn’t do for a while, then we will just have a repeat of what went on for years. 

Denton might now try to rewrite history but in doing so he might be dooming us to repeat it. 

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