Former police officer say Vitti is forcing them to cook the books, we are courting tragedy

In a reveal that teachers have known for years two former DCPS police officers said the district is forcing them to cook the books when it comes to arrests. 

He says a school district policy prevented him from making an initial arrest when a student battered a teacher. 

Instead, he says rules required him to call a sergeant and for that sergeant to call a lieutenant. That chain of approvals is not required at other law enforcement agencies.

“The elements of a crime are there; the evidence of a crime is there, but the higher authorities want to change what the crime actually is so that no enforcement action is taken,” Hardin said.

The policy was written by Department Chief Michael Edwards, who declined to be interviewed for this story. 

“If it went higher than that, I don’t know,” Hardin says. “I know it went at least that high.” 

A leadership chart posted on the district’s website shows Edwards reports to Chief of Schools Addison Davis who reports to Superintendent Dr. Nikolai Vitti.

The superintendent has touted the district’s declining arrest numbers. He too declined multiple requests to be interviewed for this story.

Friends, what can I say… Sigh…

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