For #@%&s sake, How is Rory Diamond on the City Council

Diamond has been one of the stringent foes of the sales tax referendum he has-

Said only children who go to charters have a chance.

Brought a charter school lady to speak at the joint school board and city council meeting

And introduced a resolution demanding the school board share on a proportional basis with charter schools,

But what he said today has to be the last straw.

This was his comment on Twitter about an article in the Times Union that talked about the board approving the supers plan to share with charters.


Is he just trying to lie to the lady who posted the original tweet? Does he not know how numbers work. This is truly baffling.

In my book fighting against the city’s schools and children on behalf of a handful of rich donors makes Diamond a bad guy, not knowing how numbers work (though I guess he could have just been lying) makes him a, well you know.

This is what passes for leadership in Jacksonville. We deserve and can do better.

To read the article where it says the board passed the plan 4-3, click the link.

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