For $%#s sake councilman Gaffney endorses the extortion of our public schools

At this point in the referendum process councilman Gaffney is either woefully and willingly ignorant or complicit about what’s happening with the city and the sales tax referendum. He confirmed this in an op-ed to the Times Union.
In the editorial he admitted that our schools desperately needed resources and he supported them getting them, he then pivoted from decency to endorsing Sam Mousa a man who tried to squeeze the district out of a half million dollars while offering the district things they don’t want, a 2020 referendum and hundreds of millions guaranteed to charters.
From the Times Union,
I am writing this letter in response to offer my perspective.
First, I believe that Duval’s schools deserve better, and that they are in need of an additional source of dedicated funding. I also believe that the proposed half-cent sales tax could provide sustainable funding for our city’s most important institution: our schools.
But to accomplish this goal I believe that it’s vital for the School Board to have access to people who possess the knowledge and experience needed to get a referendum on the ballot for our students.
Um the school board shouldn’t need some high priced mercenaries to get the referendum on the ballot, all they should have needed was the common sense and decency of the city council, a couple things that have been sadly, difficult to find.
He then went onto give a full throated endorsement of Sam Mousa, also from the Times Union,
I suggested that these School Board members reach out to Sam Mousa, the former chief administrative officer to Mayor Lenny Curry, to see how he could help the referendum effort.
Mousa has been a respected community leader throughout my time on City Council; he is someone who has earned the trust of people throughout the city of Jacksonville.
Mousa has squandered and done so quickly any respect he may have had for his service. People don’t tend to respect individuals that attempt to extort money away money that is earmarked for improving the lives of children.
You know who else has lost the respect he may have had? Councilman Gaffney, instead of being outraged and demanding an investigation, since Mousa started his scheme while he was a city employee, Gaffney says sure, why not.
At this point in the referendum process councilman Gaffney is either woefully and willingly ignorant or complicit about what’s happening. Either is bad for the city and the children he says he cares about.
Shame on him.

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