For Profit Charter Schools want more public money

Palm Beach they have a 25 cents on a thousand dollars mileage rate tax to pay
for art, music and other teachers, about 50 dollars for a 200 thousand dollar
house. It’s a sad and dirty secret but the state more often than not does not
give districts enough money to pay for their needs. I would say things like art
and music are needs. We can’t make school such drudgery for so many then
scratch our heads wondering why they do poorly. Well in Palm Beach, which has
50 charter schools many of whom are for profit, they want a piece of this pie.

would like to say why we give for profit charter schools one cent more than the
per pupil rate is beyond me but it isn’t. You see many of these charter schools
use public money to lobby for even more public money and also give campaign
donations to legislators they think they can sway.

forces a charter school to open and neither are they required to guess how much
they will receive too. Yes they do receive less per pupil but that hasn’t
stopped a lot of people from getting very rich.

citizens of Palm Beach should tell the charter industry no, you have taken more
than enough public money.

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