Florida’s who cares what local school boards think, we’ll establish charter schools where we please bill

I always thought one of the tenants of
the republican part was local control. That my friends is a myth. The state legislature’s
love affair with charter schools campaign contributions has caused them
to hijack the charter school application process. They go through so many
rubber stamps that override the decisions of local school boards they should
serious invest in a rubber stamp factory.
Here is another instance.
A provision added to the  “Florida G.I. Bill
would add new language to the state’s charter
schools law
, calling for commanders on bases to “collaboratively work
with the Commissioner of Education to increase military family student
achievement, which may include the establishment of charter schools on military
Notice, work with the commissioner who
has never met a charter she didn’t like, not with local school boards who are
the elected officials in charge of local public education. ED commissioners by
the way are not elected they are appointed.  
So much for local control and so much
for listening to professionals when it comes to education decisions because the
Florida legislature prefers to listen to the sounds of their reelection bank accounts
getting bigger instead.  .

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