Florida’s vouchers, more and more they are welfare for the well off.

From School Matters:
Over 1,300 households that participate in Indiana’s school voucher program have incomes over $100,000, according to the 2018-19 voucher report from the Indiana Department of Education.
That puts them in the top 20 percent of Hoosier households by income. So much for the argument that the voucher program, created in 2011, exists to help poor children “trapped” in low-performing schools.
The logical question is, so what does this have to do with Florida?
Well friends we already have a couple voucher options, the Gardiner Scholarship for disabled children and the Bully voucher which the state just forbade districts from verifying that don’t have family income limits.
Then the state for its latest voucher scheme wants to let families 268 percent above poverty, 68k for a family of four, be eligible for.  
Since more and more voucher programs don’t have income requirements shouldn’t we admit that vouchers aren’t here to save children from their zip codes, like the charter school that sets up in the affluent neighborhood, their function is just to drain resources away from public schools. 
The republicans envision a time , in the not to distant future, where all there are is charters and private schools that take vouchers, we can no longer pretend any different.

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