Florida’s uncommon core

Supporters of Common Core like Trey Czar of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund have said Florida
needs Common Core so kids that move form Oklahoma to Florida can be on the same
page and so we can compare how all the states are doing. I however am not completely
convinced those are good enough reasons to completely dismantle our education
system and replace it with an untested idea.
It gets a little more muddled when you realize Florida’s
standards will be everything but common with the rest of the nations.
From the News Service of Florida: Education
Commissioner Pam Stewart said earlier this week that her department would
propose about 40 changes to the voluminous education benchmarks.
Okay, forty changes out of
volumes might not see like a lot but people also have to realize common
core only out lines standards where it is up to localities to generate
curriculums and who wants to bet if there are 3000 different localities then
there will be a similar number of curriculums. Furthermore Florida has already pulled out of the PARCC, the test for the common core, which means any comparison that we would want to do would go from apples to oranges to apples to rocks.
Then a representative did something almost unheard of, she
asked a good question, also from the News Service:  
Rep. Debbie
Mayfield, a Vero Beach Republican who has sponsored anti-Common Core
legislation, said after Scott’s remarks Saturday that she was “perfectly
happy with the direction the governor’s going in.” But she suggested that
simply adding more material to the Common Core standards might not satisfy
Mayfield has
filed legislation (HB 25) intended to stop the standards from fully taking
effect in Florida.
“If we have
our own standards and if we have our own assessment, then what is the purpose
of being in Common Core?” she asked Saturday.

Where is the common again? The only thing common in
common core is that money will be siphoned out of classrooms and we’ll continue
our high stakes testing blame the teacher way of doing things.

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