Florida’s test results not due till December, are you ^%%#$ kidding me?

Chartrand, a grocer by trade, the chair of the State Board of Education is arguably
the most powerful man in Florida’s schools not named Jeb Bush. He also has no
idea what he is doing.
Chartrand’s choice for education commissioner, Pam Stewart, said not to expect
this years standardized tests results until December. Since Chartrand never was
a teacher or worked in a school he must not know that the results of tests are
supposed to come back reasonably quick. That way students and teachers alike
can learn what they need to work on and make adjustments. What kind of effective
adjustments can teachers, students and schools make half way into the next
school year? The answer is none.
Gary Chartrand has been on the State Board there have been over forty changes
to the accountability system, the state initiated race based goals, spoiler
alert minorities aren’t expected to do as well, the state has completely lost
faith in the testing system, veteran teachers lost their work protections and
charter schools have both grown and failed at an exponential rate.
We do
have problems in education but without a doubt poor leadership has to be at the
top of the list. The state board of education led by Chartrand a grocer, doesn’t
have one true educator on it, how do we expect our school system to succeed
when it’s not run by educators but instead run by friends and donors to the

could and should be doing better, step one is to replace the board with

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