Florida’s outrageous attacks on public schools continue as the FLDOE bullies district into not doing their job

Last year Tallahassee enacted another voucher program, this time for bullying children bullied in our public schools. They could apply for an receive a 6,700 dollar voucher to go to a private school. A little over a hundred too them up on it.

Well this year a few districts have decided that they need to verify the claims of bullying, and the FLDOE told them not to and in all caps as well.

From the Tampa Times,

“PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LAW DOES NOT REQUIRE SUBSTANTIATION IN ORDER FOR THE DISTRICT TO NOTIFY THE PARENT OF THE PROGRAM, and any district that is adding this requirement is in violation of statute and administrative rule and will be dealt with according to law,” chancellor Jacob Oliva wrote to superintendents.


Um what?

The same FLDOE that micromanages teachers and schools on just about everything just said any kid can just have a $6,700 voucher because they said so. No verification needed. To give you some scale I have to keep receipts on pencils I bought five years ago.

Who wants to bet some private schools are going to start taking these bully vouchers while refusing vouchers from those poor kids. There is no income maximum for this voucher after all. Not that voucher schools have to take whoever applies.

How many examples is it going to make my friends before people realize their agenda is the complete dismantling of public education?

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