Florida’s latest worst legislator of all time Rick “voucher” Workman, R Melbourne

Workman is the author of the “stake in the heart” to public
education Voucher bill that will dramatically increase the amount of vouchers the
state would give out as well as other disastrous provisions. Not only that but
he doesn’t know Florida’s constitution which I imagine he swore to up hold.
When defending his bill against mounting criticism he said, “What (the constitution) doesn’t say is that it has to be
a public school environment,” he said. “We are paying for it.”
First the constitution does say it, the education of children to be a
fundamental value of the people of Florida; establishes adequate provision for
education as a paramount duty of the state; expands constitutional mandate
requiring the state to make adequate provision for a uniform system of free
public schools by also requiring
the state to make adequate provision for an efficient, safe, secure, and high
quality system.
Right there,
uniform system of free public schools. It doesn’t say, hey if a parent doesn’t
want sex ed or to learn about evolution, or has an irrational fear of teacher
unions we’ll pay to send them somewhere else.

But he is right we are paying for it, the same taxpayers
that care about the constitution that he obviously is ignorant about. 

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