Florida’s high stakes tests have little to do with testing.

The Tampa Times
when talking about testing quoted Duval County’s Superintendent Vitti. “Please
be advised that placement in remediation courses will be based on Achieve3000
Lexile Levels for the 2015-16 school year. The Florida Standards Assessment
results will not be in until after the school year begins, thus not providing
enough time to use for scheduling.”
Um, if that’s
the case then why are we spending hundreds of millions on testing. I mean why
can’t we use achieve this or Lexile that every year? I am sure we could figure
out a way to count thirty-three percent of a teacher’s evaluation on it too and
who wants to bet districts believe they more accurately 
gauge how
students are doing anyways?
My point is
there are undoubtedly cheaper and better ways to know how students are doing
than using the high stakes tests we have now which begs the question why do we
have the tests anyways.
There is the
obvious answer, follow the money. The Bush family made a lot off testing as
have many of their supporters and friends. Then I believe it’s to punish
teachers for dare having unions represent them. In Florida unions have become
enemy number one despite their very limited power and if you want proof compare
Florida’s teachers’ salaries to the rest of the nations. Then finally there is
the privatization of our schools. The powers-that-be would love to replace
public education with vouchers and charters, which as a group do worse than
public schools but that doesn’t seem to matter.

Vitti let the cat out of the bag. Districts have better and cheaper ways to know how students are doing and why we aren’t using them is the question we
should all be asking.

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