Florida’s education system lacks integrity.

I don’t want to get started about how the
powers-that-be never mention how the class size amendment improved our schools preferring
to give credit to an A-F system  that has
been tweaked into irrelevancy not that it had much credibility in the first
place. But now they have really taken the cake.
Yesterday our newest education Commissioner proposed
stopping calling common core by its name, because “what we need is rebranding.”
Then the board of education voted to keep in place the grade forgiveness plan
that has been in place for the last two years. You know the one that doesn’t
allow schools to drop more than one letter grade no matter what. Now I think
the system is a farce but I am not advocating lying to people.

Board member Kathleen Shanahan put it best, from the Tampa times:  Board member Kathleen Shanahan cast the lone
vote against the measure, repeating her concerns that artificial grade
inflation would undermine the validity of Florida’s education accountability

“Isn’t that sad that we are sitting here voting on something that is
going to have no integrity?” she said.


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