Florida’s charter school district spends 18 thousand per student, most public schools around 9 (draft)

Tallahassee says that if public schools and charters compete education will improve. If that’s the case why do they keep rigging the game in favor of charters? The truth is they want public ed to fail so they can be replaced with a hodge podge of charters and vouchers schools and who wants to bet when that happens high stakes testing won’t be so important to them.

Jefferson County has three schools in their district which were taken over by charters and there they spend about 18k per student, while the average public school spends 9.

Somerset Elementary-  18,031
Somerset Middle- 13,688
Somerset High school- 18,971

Remember when pubic schools were sold as being able to do it cheaper and better?

Throw in the state board of education wants to allocate 174 million for charters and zero for public schools with PECO funds and when you factor in inflation cut education spending, then what more proof do you need?

How about the recent ballyhooed mental health education initiative? What could the problem be there? Well there is a couple.

From Orlando Weekly,

Last month, Florida Department of Education passed a new rule requiring five hours of mental health instruction for students in the state. 

Monday, it became clear that there was no plan on how that would be funded. 

School board member Angie Gallo confirmed it was an unfunded mandate at the Orange County legislative delegation in response to questions from Rep. Anna Eskamani, D-Orlando. 


Hmm so the schools have to pick up the tax, sorry the public schools do, as voucher schools and charters are exempt.


You know because those kids don’t need any mental health education.


Tallahassee sets public schools up to fail, and rigs the game in favor of charters and that is the bottom line.

To read more how the game is rigged, click the link,

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  1. Did you see how Carlucci caved to Lenny & the charters on the date of the referendum? If he's willing to do that what else is he willing to do? All bark. No bite.

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