Florida Voucher Proponents Change their Narrative again.

Have you noticed school choice advocates like Steve
Knellinger, who recently wrote an op-ed in the Tampa Times are constantly
changing their narrative? They have gone from saving children from failing
schools, to competition, to kids just learn differently. But other than a
religious education, what can kids get in private schools that they can’t get
in public?
I will tell you, they can get a non-certified teacher, heck
they can get a non-degreed teacher too as there are no requirements for
teachers to meet. They can get an education in junk science, creationism, while
failing to get an education in actual science; in fact they don’t have to have
any recognized curriculums. Then there is no way to actually compare how they
are doing with public school students because they fight against
accountability. They don’t fight against public money, no they want more of
that; they just fight against proving it is being well and properly used.

undoubtedly do help a few students but if we are being honest how many students
couldn’t get the same services in their public schools. Should the public
really be forced to fund someone’s religious choice, distrust of “gov’ment”
schools or irrational hatred of teacher unions?  Should we really be
handicapping the many to help a few?

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  1. Well said. The war on public education will continue driven by religious conservatives. They know exactly what they are doing and they have been very effective. It is a train on the track. If public education is to be saved advocates must step forward, voters must turn out of office those who would undermine public education and that includes scrutiny of local school boards.

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