Florida votes to end collective bargaining for many teacher unions

For a state with a teacher recruitment and retention problem, Tallahassee seems to be doing everything it can to dismantle its public schools and destroy teaching as a profession.

Their latest effort is house bill 7055 which sends billions more to private schools that have little in the way of requirements and over site and requires teacher unions with less than 50 percent membership to decertify.

Notice I said teacher unions because the bill exempts police, fire and prison guard unions, you know unions made up of mostly men and who vote republican. 

From the Gainesville Sun:

he 198-page bill, HB 7055, calls to decertify teacher unions across the state, opening teachers up to possible pay cuts and termination.
About 40 people rallied outside State Sen. Keith Perry’s district office Monday morning calling on him to reject a bill that could do away with unions representing school teachers.
Perry, R-Gainesville, later voted in support of the bill anyway, helping it pass the Senate floor Monday with a 20-17 vote. The amended bill will now go back to the House.
The 198-page bill, HB 7055, calls to decertify teacher unions across the state if the makeup of a union is less than 50 percent of the teachers for that district.
“It’s a war on public schools,” said Eileen Roy, Alachua County School Board member.
This bill is even worse than last years HB 7069 if you can believe it.
I just wonder if my republican friends intentionally voted for the systematic destruction of public education and ending teaching as a profession, because that’s what their representatives in Tallahassee are intent on doing.   
Some of you might be thinking pubic education is broken and needs to be redone but I would like to point out that its the republicans in Tallahassee looking to profit off of it and appease their donors who have been completely in charge of the state government for over 20 years. Yes there are problems but you are rewarding the people who have created them.

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  1. While it is no consolation, the trend to dismantle public schools in favor of charters and driving current, dedicated educators out is happening throughout the US. Many states, like ours, refuse to adequately fund public schools. As an example, read the blog brightlightsmallcity.com entry (3/5) about TFA and charters in Minneapolis.

  2. At least the super search is going swimmingly. Apparently Wright needs to send out an engraved invitation for the bigwigs.


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