Florida to pay Utah millions to field test our next FCAT

Okay yeah I know it won’t be called the FCAT but since the new test doesn’t have a name yet I went with it.

From the Salt Lake Tribune: Utah is about to reap an unexpected windfall from the questions it wrote for the new SAGE tests being launched this month in Utah schools.

Florida agreed late last month to pay rental fees that could amount to $5.4 million for test questions that Utah Office of Education wrote and which Florida desperately needs. 
Utah Superintendent of Public Instruction Martell Menlove told the State Board of Education on Friday that the state education office jumped on the chance of renting out test “items,” as the questions are called. He initially thought it might be worth only a few hundred dollars.
“I didn’t realize the magnitude,” Menlove told the board. “We anticipate there will be other opportunities as significant as this or greater in the future.”
The money, he said, will allow Utah to hire teachers over the summer to write even more queries to add to Utah’s bank of end-of-year test questions.
I am speechless…

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