The Florida Times Union’s silence supports anti-gay remarks

When the Times Union does not report the controversial remarks of local politicians, they give those remarks tacit approval. State board of education chair and local resident Gary Chartrand made some controversial  remarks at a recent education summit. Controversial remarks about Florida’s values and homosexuality upsetting people. If you read the Times Union and missed  them don’t worry you weren’t the only one. You see, despite the fact every other paper of note in Florida reported them the Times Union did not. I found the remarks very offensive but even if you don’t why didn’t the Times Union at least report them and let you make the call? Why hide them, the Tampa Times, Orlando Sentinel and Miami Herald among others thought their readers should at least know about them.

From the Tampa Times, Florida Board Chairman Gary Chartrand suggested that the state look for a curriculum or instructional materials for Common Core that “align with Florida’s values and culture.” He said reading lists could upset people; particularly in they mentioned topics such as socialism or homosexuality.

Then when I questioned the remarks Chartrand made on my blog the Times Union dropped my blog from their blog feed. This despite the fact I had been connected to them for nearly 3 years and 4,000 posts.

The Times union’s editorial staff has a long history of being on the wrong side of education issues and their news reporting is shoddy at best. Where was the story about the class size fines, the in depth coverage about Bennett resigning, Jeb Bush saying the schools of education should be blown up, the inconsistencies in Burney’s ethic violations case and Chartrand’s despicable remarks?

They were nowhere to be found, that’s where and to ignore them is to approve them. 

Chris Guerieri
School Teacher 

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