Florida teachers, they are coming after your pensions.

The latest villain in the right’s education narrative is
pensions. They complain that they are somehow bankrupting our country and they
aren’t above lying and misleading to convince people.  Dropout Nation about as anti-public education
and teachers can get is just one in a long line of deceivers.
They complained about how the NEA spends money to lobby,
like only charter schools and testing companies should be allowed to lobby and
one of the entities that received money was a group called the Coalition to Save FRS, which is fighting
efforts to overhaul the Sunshine State’s virtually-busted defined-benefit
pensions. The NEA affiliate tossed $90,000 over to Coalition to Save FRS in
Virtually busted?!? Florida is considered to have one of the
best and most healthy pension funds around! 
There is no financial emergency and the last one certainly was not
created by teachers and other civil servants with pensions.
Want proof? The Miami herald reported, the retirement fund
increased by $9.65 billion during the last year even after making payments of
$6.2 billion to retirees.
Pensions are under attack, and facts don’t seem to matter to
the attackers. 

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