Florida schools forced to share emergency public money with private schools

Florida, Florida, Florida, why must you be so upside down? Why do private schools command so much of your attention and favor, while you punish public schools at every opportunity? Florida has directed each district to come up with a plan and share their  CARES money with all the private schools within their boarders and it’s not like districts don’t have enough needs and to do on their own. Oh and they were only given two weeks to come up with the plans. 

From the Tampa Times, 

Florida’s schools are in line to receive more than $700 million in federal CARES Act money to help them recover from COVID-19. 

The money already has been approved. They have until the end of June to tell the state how they intend to use the revenue. 

And part of their plan must include steps to provide “equitable services” to private schools within their boundaries. 

The idea of sending cash intended to help public schools serving large numbers of low-income children to private schools, regardless of students’ financial needs, has rubbed leaders in many states the wrong way. And not only in those led by Democrats. 


Sigh, so Congress allocate the money for our public schools, the secretary of education who has an affinity for religious private schools, issued some guidance, and that’s all it is, it does not have the force of law, other states have ignored it, that districts share the money with private schools, and Florida rather than siding with its cash strapped schools, sided with Betsey DeVos. They sided with a billionaire against your children.   

This has happened as there have been more and more reports how charters and private schools have been applying for millions extra that public schools are not eligible for.

From the New York Times,

 Charter schools, which are publicly funded but privately run, are securing coronavirus relief meant for businesses even as they also benefit from public school aid.


From Fox Business, 

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Friday urged private schools that tapped a relief fund designed to help small businesses weather the coronavirus pandemic to return the money

“It has come to our attention that some private schools with significant endowments have taken #PPP loans,” Mnuchin wrote on Twitter. “They should return them.”


Districts have enough on their plates without having to come up with plans for private schools but even worse should we be giving public school money to private schools? How does that make sense? 

Florida has really rigged the game against public schools and this is just more evidence.


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