Florida puts fox, charter school operator, in charge of hen house, public schools

From Scathing Purple Musings by Bob Sykes

Only in Florida can this happen.

Fresh off his victory for a Senate seat in which an ethics complaint against him was filled, John Legg hit the lottery in bagging a key chair of a committee for which he will be driving policy which will financially benefit him. Founder of Dayspring Academy Charter School, John Legg is now listed as the school’s “business administrator. It must be lost on senate president Don Gaetz that Legg has a conflict of interest in his position as chairman of the powerful K-20 Education Policy Committee.

Freshman state Sen. John Legg, R-Pasco County, announced Wednesday that he has been named the chairman of the K-20 Education Policy Committee. He also will serve on the K-20 Education Appropriations Subcommittee.

Legg was chairman of the House K-12 Education Committee two years ago, before becoming speaker pro tempore for 2011-12. He runs a charter school in New Port Richey, and has sponsored several high-profile education bills including the state’s move to end-of-course exams from the FCAT. Lately, he has been visiting area high school career academies looking for ideas to improve school-to-work connections and to make junior- and senior-level course work more relevant and challenging to students.

“Education especially, being entrusted as chairman, brings a unique opportunity to invest in Florida’s most important asset, our children,” Legg said in a news release. “As a father of five, a certified classroom teacher and school administrator I understand how vital public education is and how equally important it is to Florida’s employers to have a solid workforce to draw from. It is time we develop a workforce to fit the needs of our business community while providing first class education for our children to succeed not only in the workforce but in life.”

Even Legg must know he’s getting away with something as he misrepresents his own resume. Another example of why Florida screams for ethics reform.


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