Florida Private Schools that take vouchers, like the money don’t like the accountability.

In Jeb Bush’s lets privatize public education blog, redefined Ed, they ran a piece about how schools that receive McKay scholarships say they will drop out of the program if they are forced to take the states tests. In case you didn’t know, McKay scholarships were originally designed so children with significant disabilities could attend schools with programs designed specifically for them. Now kids with allergies, diabetes and restless leg syndrome can get them and the system is rife with fraud and abuse (type McKay scholarship into the search box to see a legion of examples). With that being the case it is no surprise that private schools that receive them want nothing to do with accountability.

From Redefined Ed: The Coalition sent a survey to the 1,155 participating McKay Scholarship schools in February. It received 474 responses, representing approximately 40 percent of the McKay schools and 61 percent of the schools responding reported they would no longer participate in the McKay Scholarship Program if required to give the FCAT to their students.

This is one (of many) of the problems with the school choice movement, they like to get the money but they don’t like accountability and friends that should concern us all.

To read the Redefined Ed piece click here:


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