Florida private schools complain they aren’t getting enough public money.

I am just going to jump to it. Due to a change in the
spending formula Florida is no longer paying for dual enrollment classes. This
is short sited and we should want as many as many high school students as are
able to take colleges classes.
You hear all the time Florida’s leaders complaining about
how e don’t have enough college graduates but then they continually put
obstacles in kids way, see what they are doing to bright futures and the pre
paid college plan as well. This however is not that story.
ReDefined Ed, Jeb Bush’s pro-privatization blog ran an
article describing what a hardship this change in spending was to private
Redefined Ed: Some Florida private schools face an unexpected dilemma this
school year: Find extra dollars to pay for state college courses their high
school students want to take – or deny them the option.
problem stems from a new law requiring public school districts and individual
private schools to cover tuition for students enrolled in the state’s popular
dual enrollment program.
it’s unclear how many private school schools and students are affected, the
change has left some schools curbing participation and others anxious about
what they’ll do if local colleges, prompted by the new law, end up hiking

Um, cry me a river. Private schools through vouchers have
been siphoning money out of public schools coffers for years now and despite
being sold as saviors have performed no better than their public school

Furthermore I don’t care if many are non-profits and have thin margin lines. You know who else are non-profits and have thin margin lines? Public schools that is who.

Until private schools agree to have certified teachers, many do not, and have a universal measurement that can be compared to public schools, I wouldn’t wish the FCAT on anybody, then I don’t believe they should get a dime.

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