The Florida legislature snubs parents again and again

It used to be the Florida legislature would just ignore teachers. Since teachers unions usually vote with democrats they reasoned they didn’t really represent them anyways. Now however the legislature feels that can ignore parents too.

Parent group after parent group has come out against, the parent trigger. It would be one thing if those lazy selfish teachers were against it right, after all the legislature reasons they are only looking out for their self interests not what’s best for their students, but aren’t parents supposed to be better? Isn’t their concern just their kids?
Apparently not, as the Florida legislature is disregarding them too! The party that says they are for parent choice (re: privatization) is now ignoring what the parents want.

Parents groups have also come out against the siphoning away of additional public money to charter schools, many of which are for profit, too and the legislature has snubbed their nose at them again.

These two bills are quickly making their way through the legislature without the backing of teachers, school boards, the people locally elected to handle education, and parents too. The legislature doesn’t care what they think.

Read that again parents, they don’t care what you think.

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