Florida Legislators choose ALEC over parents

from Mari Corugedo VIA FACEBOOK

R-FL Legislators continue to cheat our kids from a well rounded education. Our kids have become great test takers instead of great thinkers. When will FL parents say “enough” and start electing legislators who vote to truly empower students? When will we demand and ask for our representatives to help excite students to learn? 

I guess it is to legislators’ advantage to have citizens who don’t know about learning and education. It is how they get elected, so people can continue to vote for legislators who create mantras and laws that harm, deceive, and don’t allow people to benefit economically. I hope Floridians vote each and every “yes” vote out in 2014. 

Get engaged, informed, active, and help us change Fl House and Fl Senate! Our kids future depends on it!

PTA, NAACP, LULAC, educators, parents, and other concerned citizens expressed opposition to committee of legislators, but they chose to ignore. Simply, because there is NO accountability by their constituents. We continue electing those to are harming us with horrible laws.

Sadly, R-FL represent party, corporate interest (ALEC), but not the interest of those who they should represent. 

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