Florida insists on protecting teachers and children on the cheap.

A couple years ago after the Stoneman Douglass tragedy. The legislature wanted guns on campus. The majority reasoned the answer to guns was more guns. They however didn’t want to fund a trained law enforcement officer, no they wanted it to happen on the cheap by arming teachers or having lightly trained guardians. Well friends it is time for round two with PPE to protect teachers and students from the coronavirus. They all but admit doing it right would be to expensive, so doing it right has gone out the window.   

From Redefined Ed, 

The Florida Department of Education is encouraging that face masks be worn when schools reopen, but isn’t making it a requirement. One of the reasons is cost. In just one large district, Hillsborough County, the pricetag of issuing masks to each of the district’s 220,000 students every day would be $9 million a month, Superintendent Addison Davis said during an education forum Thursday to discuss the logistical hurdles of reopening. And buying enough buses to maintain the recommended social distancing would cost $310 million, he said. “It just can’t happen,” Davis said. 


Florida buying a few billion dollars worth of buses is impractical. Kids going to school in shifts or on A-B days maybe not so much but the message is clear, protecting our kids and teachers is to expensive to do.

You might be inclined to agree with them but don’t believe the hype. 

Florida just gave some of the richest corporations a 500 million dollar rebate.


Then we have some of the most lax tax laws for wealthy corporations in the land.




I could go on and on.

Friends, we could raise taxes pretty substantially on corporations and still be considerably lower than most states but unfortunately lobbyists not citizens have the ear of Tallahassee.

I just wonder what the cost will be if we don’t do it right and we have to shut down again?

We have the means to do things right in Florida, we just do not have the will and that may cost people their lives.

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  1. Nothing like a little COVID-19 experiment to attack public education:


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