Florida House passes the Parent Trigger

From feaweb.org

Republicans Beshears, Fasano, Goodson, Hooper, Hutson, Raschein, Santiago voted NO on Parent Trigger along with all Democrats

TALLAHASSEE – Florida Education Association President Andy Ford had these comments on the Florida House’s passage today of the “parent trigger” bill:

“We’re disappointed that the Florida House chose to ignore the voices of Florida parents, teachers and school administrators and pass this deceptive bill. Supporters of the so-called parent trigger legislation have misled the public about what this bill does and who supports it. Every credible parent group in Florida has been outraged by this bill and strongly opposes it because it is not about parents or students. It’s all about creating an easy pathway so that for-profit charter operators can coerce parents into hand over our neighborhood public schools. This doesn’t empower parents, it doesn’t provide better education for students, but it will line the pockets of the charter operators.”

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