Florida gives up the game, admits its school accountability system is a fraud

I am taking an ESOL class, I don’t have any ESOL kids but apparently I did for one day last year and now I have to take the class or loose my job. I could talk for days about this but instead I want to ask you a question.

Does the teacher at private school at the nearly abandoned strip mall that takes vouchers have to take an ESOL class?

The answer of course is no, in fact they don’t have to heave any certifications let alone a degree.

What’s the grade of that school? Friends they don’t have a school grade.

How do their kids do on the FSA? What they don’t have to take the FSA or any test for that matter.

Despite all this the state is proposing even more vouchers and this time they aren’t even using the flimsiest of loopholes, tax breaks for corporations, but want to pay for them directly out of the tax payers pocket.

How is this fair, decent or even legal? Well its definitely not the first two and Tallahassee is banking that court packing will make what was once declared unconstitutional fifteen years ago, constitutional now.

Accountability in Florida has been used as a hammer to punish public schools and teachers and now the state admits, through its expansion of unaccountable schools that take vouchers, it has all been a lie.

To read more, click the link:  https://accountabaloney.com/index.php/2019/03/14/understanding-the-complexities-of-the-fefp/?fbclid=IwAR0TkzSsLOliN3XfLaeykTh-ViRTtKIMGtvgDahSqDZ0pQkIgaCjD1IDQxc

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