Florida gives Jeb Bush a bloody nose changing the graduation requirements

When Florida changed the graduation requirements they gave Jeb Bush and his education foundation a bloody nose. You see they fought against the change preferring the one size fits all curriculum that we have now. The old way of doing things forced many kids into classes they either weren’t prepared for or interested in. It also gutted the teaching of the industrial trades or what some people like to call jobs that won’t be outsourced to China. Bush was wrong when he had the graduation requirements changed and it hurt kids but that isn’t the only thing he was wrong about.

This is also amazing too, because up till now Jeb bush has said jump and Don Gaetz and the Florida Legislature have asked, how high?

New high school graduation requirements

• To earn a standard diploma, students must take 24 credit hours and pass standardized exams in language arts and algebra I.

• For a scholar designation, students must complete the requirements for a standard diploma, plus complete at least one college-level course, earn two credits in a foreign language, and pass end-of-course exams in algebra II, biology and history.

• For a merit designation, students must complete the requirements for a standard diploma plus earn industry certification in one or more fields. Students seeking a merit designation can substitute some industry courses for advanced science and math courses.

To read more check out the link: http://www.tampabay.com/news/education/k12/gov-rick-scott-signs-sweeping-education-bill/2116640

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