Florida D.O.E. tries to pull a fast one, changes the name of Common Core

Common Core is controversial and has brought
together strange bed fellows on both side of the debate. In an attempt to quell
some of that controversy, the Florida department of education has decided to
change the name. That’s right if they can’t convince you to get behind Common Core maybe they can fool you into thinking it has gone away.
From Redefined Ed: The
wild debate about Common Core veered into unexpected territory Tuesday, with
the board that governs education in the nation’s fourth largest state having a
lengthy debate about whether to actually use the term.
In response to mostly-Tea Party-driven objections, Florida Gov.
Rick Scott directed the Florida Department of Education to take public input on
the standards, both on its website and at three public forums. But the DOE doesn’t refer to them as Common
Core State Standards, instead describing them on the site as “Florida’s currently
adopted English language arts and mathematics standards.”

Oy vey! Only in Florida.

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