Florida charter schools behaving badly.

You know it’s bad when charter school proponents are saying charter schools are out of control.

From the Sun Sentinel: “It’s gotten out of control,” said Robert Haag, president of the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools. “We never thought that charter schools would open up anywhere, at any time.”

Charter schools as parent teacher driven laboratories of innovation that work with school districts to provide additional services is a great concept. Unfortunately here in Florida charter schools have become profit centers whose aim is not to work with school districts but to replace them. Furthermore even though they have numerous advantages they as a group do a poor job.

Also from the Sun Sentinel:  In the past month, the Broward and Palm Beach school districts each shut down a charter — one for having no home, one for losing a student. A total of 10 charters have closed in Broward since last year, and another five have closed in Palm Beach County.

School boards have little authority to deny a charter if it meets basic application guidelines — even if it has been terminated before or wants to open blocks away from a high-performing school offering similar programs. 


Why do we have charter schools again?

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